23 September, 2005

Misguided Christians?

If Jesus urged us to love our enemies, then why do Christians George Bush and Tony Blair go to war against theirs?


  1. yes religion is the answer to all of ur questions.. that is if u dont distort it :)
    i believe in christianity.. butthe thing is they have distorted their books and that is why we find so many different versions of the bible... in bible they have mentioned about the new prophet and many christians reverted to islam when they met the last prophet muhammad peace b upon him.. because they knew all the signs that were given in the bible.. and they knew that the last prophet was prophet muhammad (pbuh).. u got to read about his life history :) and no im not pushing u to revert.. im just asking u to read the history!
    best of luck :)
    and yeah i liked ur posts :D

  2. Many religions preach peace, but at times have been forced to violence.

  3. You cannot TRULY believe in the teachings of Jesus AND support warfare of any kind. Many who purport to be practicing Christians think nothing of sending troops to fight and kill whilst at the same time vehemently opposing abortion because of the ' rights of the unborn child ' .
    My conclusion being that many who claim to be sincere followers of organised religion, are highly selective in those tenets that they wish to follow , choosing only those that reaffirm or back up their own prejudices. This is inevitable, people are,after all, only human. But they miss the point of the core teaching at the heart of the message: it is easy to espouse belief if you only pick on the bits that you believe already, the really hard thing to do is to be open enough to be challenged by the bits that you find difficult or disagree with.
    Sermon over !