11 September, 2005

Stairway to Heaven or Hell?

How do people boil frogs? Slowly. Do it too fast, the frog will jump out; but do it by degrees and he will enjoy the warmth, and when it eventually gets too hot he will have lost the ability, or the will, or both, to escape.

Most governments are aware of this, which is why we are enslaved bit by bit. First a tax on the profits of the very rich, whose government contracts dampen their tendency to protest; then on the earnings of those somewhat rich, whom others envy; then on the wages of every last person. The same can be said for passports, ID cards, mass surveillance and RFID microchip implants. We must ask ourselves if these government controls are guided by God, or some other lesser, darker force which we need to transcend?

Update (7/12/13): Prediction retracted.

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